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Frequently Asked Questions AL-KO ATS

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been documenting the questions you have been asking since the launch of AL-KO ATS. To make life easier for you, we have compiled our responses on this F.A.Q page.

Do you have a question not listed on this page?

If you have a questions about the AL-KO ATS that is not included on this F.A.Q page, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a response.

Q. How much will AL-KO ATS cost?

AL-KO ATS has a recommended retail price of $850 including 12 months of connectivity.

Q. How much will AL-KO ATS cost after the 12 months of free connectivity?

After your included 12 months of global connectivity has lapsed, your connectivity will be charged out at $12.99 per month.

Q. Is AL-KO ATS currently available?

Yes – To purchase AL-KO ATS, a state-of-the-art tracking system designed to help combat the theft of caravans, trailers & motorhomes contact your local dealer or for more information, submit an enquiry.

Q. what is included when i purchase AL-KO ATS?

AL-KO ATS includes includes the tiny Black Knight Z-3 GPS tracking device + accessories, the free Black Knight app (for realtime multi-platform tracking on the go), and 12 months of global connectivity

Q. What is the Black Knight Tracker included in AL-KO ATS?

The Black Knight Z-3 GPS tracking unit included in AL-KO ATS is a discreet, fully enclosed GPS tracking unit that weighs just 38g and is smaller than a box of matches. The Black Knight can be hidden almost anywhere in your Car, Trailer, Caravan or RV. Simply hard wire the unit or charge using the included charger and your real-time tracking is active.

How secure is AL-KO ATS?

With no sim card necessary, the Black Knight unit included with AL-KO ATS is one of the most secure GPS tracking solutions available. Most trackers connect using a regular phone-style SIM card that can easily be removed, replaced or reassigned. Black Knight doesn’t have that problem – making it the most secure and simple tracker on the market.

How do I switch on the included Black Knight unit?

Simply charge or connect directly to power. Once installed when the device senses movement, LED lights will appear in the pinholes indicating communication with GPS satellites and telecommunication towers.

Where do I put my Black Knight?

Install it in a hidden, dry place. Try to avoid exposure to intense humidity, intense heat or direct sun.

How does the Black Knight tracker included with AL-KO ATS prevent theft?

Think of it as a virtual security alarm protecting your asset. Once your vehicle has stopped, turn your geofence ON using the Black Knight App on your iPhone or android device. If your Black Knight moves outside of this area during this time, it will send you an alert via the smart phone app and via e-mail. You choose how big the geofence is. And just like a home alarm, don’t forget to switch it off each time you take Black Knight out and about!

My car/bike/boat has been stolen and there’s a Black Knight in it – what do I do?

Call emergency, inform police immediately that you are tracking your stolen vehicle via Black Knight. Black Knight is an invaluable tool for immediate police response, making recoveries and arrests easier than ever before.

How frequently does the GPS unit included in AL-KO ATS relay my location updates?

Every 15 seconds! The black knight GPS unit included in AL-KO ATS uses state-of-the-art M2M technology to relay the devices location at 15 second intervals accurately from anywhere in the world where the device is able to make a mobile and satellite connection.

What is the power usage of the Black Knight Z-3 GPS unit included with AL-KO ATS?


(a) Making connection – 30-100mA
(b) Once connected – 25-35mA
(c) Sleep mode – N/A
(d) Internal battery (rechargeable lithium) – 3.7V, 120MaH
(e) Input – 5V-45VDC 500mA

Q. If my caravan/trailer/RV fitted with AL-KO ATS is stolen, can i make a claim against the anti theft warranty?

If after the purchase, installation and activation by an Authorised dealer, your AL-KO ATS protected asset is stolen or not recovered, and a theft claim is accepted by your insurance company, you will be payed $500 to help get you back in action sooner.

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