How does AL-KO ATS Work?

The AL-KO ATS incorporates state of the art GPS tracking in addition to Microdot technology to provide global multi-level protection for your Caravan/RV.

The Black Knight tracker included in your AL-KO ATS kit is a world first purposely designed global tracking device using state of the art M2M (machine to machine) communications technology from Vodafone.

Unlike devices that require a SIM card and a mobile phone plan with data limits, the in-built M2M connectivity chip provides instant global connectivity in over 200 countries with unlimited data, no roaming charges and no hidden fees. And with no removable SIM card, the Black Knight provides a further security feature – it cannot be re-used or re-tasked if stolen. The product comes bundled with 12 months connectivity upon purchase.

Many tracking systems utilise triangulation, purchase thesis which approximates a location based on proximity to a series of signals. This is not accurate or useful as a security device, as the actual location can often be 50-100m away. Using both GPS and telco towers, the Black Knight works with both in tandem sending regular data to pinpoint an almost exact location.

Users can download and utilise a free app (available for iPhone or Android) to receive alerts or track their journey via their smartphone. A “Geofence” feature promptly alerts the vehicle owner if it breaches a defined location radius.
The Black Knight will remain “asleep” unless the movement sensor is triggered. When there’s movement you’ll immediately see the device moving on your screen in real time, with an accuracy of approximately 5 metres.

The unit can be charged up or hard-wired, and you’re away.

Provided free as a bonus in every AL-KO ATS pack is a set of 20 Ghost® Labels, high-security asset authentication labels from NanoTag Technology.
Ghost® Labels offer a state-of-the art high-security solution to quickly protect your assets (home, office, car, bike, etc) with microscopic NanoTags.
Together with microscopic NanoTags, each pack of labels has a unique 6-digit alphanumeric code which becomes your very own DNA “fingerprint” to help police identify assets that are rightfully yours.

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